Type HMG High Pressure Hose and Fittings

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  • Product Description:

    ·Type HMG hose is a flexible connection piece and it is mainly used as compressor suction and/or exhaust tube in the refrigeration, cold storage and air conditioning facilities.
  • Product Model:

    Code Type Description ID OD Max.Working Pressure MPa Blasting Test Pressure MPa
    A HS-HMG-2 high pressure hose Φ2.5 Φ5.6 5.5 30
    B HS-HMG-4 high pressure hose Φ3.4 Φ7.8 5.5 30
    C HS-HMG-8 high pressure hose Φ6.2 Φ10.5 4.2 20
    D Φ2.6×1/4” 90° bend core with 1/4'' nut Φ1.0 Φ2.6
    E Φ2.6×Dg4 90° bend core with Dg4 nut Φ1.0 Φ2.6
    F φ2.6 straight core Φ1.0 Φ2.6
    G 1/4” 1/4'' nut
    H Dg4 Dg4 nut
    I φ2.6 Tee Φ1.0 Φ2.6
    J φ5.9×12.3 aluminum sleeve Φ5.9 Φ8
    K φ3.5×1/4” 90° bend core with 1/4'' nut Φ1.7 Φ3.5
    L φ3.5×Dg4 90° bend core with Dg4 nut Φ1.7 Φ3.5
    M φ3.5 straight core Φ1.7 Φ3.5
    N φ3.5 Tee Φ1.7 Φ3.5
    O φ8×15 Aluminium sleeve Φ8 Φ9.2
    P φ6.3×3/8” 90° bend core with 3/8'' nut Φ3.2 Φ6.3
    Q Φ6.3 straight core Φ3.2 Φ6.3
    R 3/8” 3/8” nut
    S Φ10.8×15 Aluminium sleeve Φ10.8 Φ12
    T 1/4” copper seal ring
    U 3/8” copper seal ring

  • Technical Parameters: