Model HV Unloading Solenoid Valve

  • Product Description

  • Product Model

  • Technical Parameters

  • Product Description:

    ·Model HV unloading solenoid valve is a direct-operated valve, which is applicable to one direction flow.

    ·Model HV unloading solenoid valve is used on the compressor of the freezer, could store and air conditioning unit. It will automatically unload in accordance with the decrease of heat so that it could save the compressor energy and extend the service life of compressor.

    ·The valve seat of Model HV unloading solenoid valve is well sealed with perfect sealing performance.

    ·Both packed and separated Model HV unlading solenoid calves are available and it means the valve body could supplied separately from the solenoid.

  • Product Model:

    Model Connection Pressure Differential to Open Valve △P(bar) Max.Operating Pressure PB Kv(㎥/h) Weight(g)
    Inlet Outlet Min. Max.Operating Pressure Differential(MOPD)
    HV3.2B Flanged Connectio 0.0 31 45 0.27 765
    HV2P 3/8 ODF 3/8 SAE 0.0 31 45 0.16 510

    Note: Kv: The flow rate (m³/h) of water of density 1 t/m³ passing through the solenoid valve under the pressure differential of 100 KPa.

    1、solenoid(10W); 2、return spring; 3、iron core(modified PTFE sealing and imported stainless magnet steel); 4、O-ring; 5、valve seat; 6、sealing; 7、suction tube; 8、filter; 9、valve body; 10、outlet tube; 11、tube nut

  • Technical Parameters:

    Applicable Refrigerant: HCFC or HFC
    Applicable Medium Temperature: -30℃~+105℃
    Application Ambient Temperature of Solenoid -40℃~+65℃
    Standard Voltage of Solenoid AC220V/50HZ
    Allowable Voltage Fluctuation for Solenoid +10%~-15%
    Connection of Solenoid Ip167 with terminal box

    Overall Dimension: