Model QRF134aW Thermall Expansion Value

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  • Product Model

  • Technical Parameters

  • Product Description:

    · QRF134aW型膨胀阀用于调节蒸发器中液体制冷剂的供给量
    · QRF134aW型膨胀阀具有双向节流功能,被广泛运用在热泵、汽车空调制冷系统
  • Product Model:

    Refrigerant Model Pressure Balance Thread(Connection Size) Nominal Refrigerating Capacity
    Inlet Outlet Outside Balanced End TR KW
    R134a QRF134aW-2.5-3-4 Outside Balanced End 3/8SAE 1/2SAE 1/4SAE 2.5 8
    QRF134aW-3.5-3-4 3.5 12
    QRF134aW-4.5-5-6 5/8SAE 3/4SAE 4.5 17
    QRF134aW-7-5-6 7 24
    QRF134aW-10-5-6 10 37

    ·The working condition of nominal refrigerating capacity is: evaporating temperature 5; condensing temperature 35superheating degree 3.5; supercooling degree 4

    ·Other refrigerants can be customized based on clients' requirements

  • Technical Parameters:

    Applicable Refrigerants: R134a
    Applicable Medium Temperature: -30℃~+10℃
    Maximum Working Pressure: 2.0MPa
    Maximum Testing Pressure: 3.0MPa
    Adjustable Range of Superheat: 2℃~8℃

    · Capillary length of QRFW-type thermostatic expansion valve:1.5m in atandard; under special situation,it can be customized based on clients' requirements.


    1、gas tank head piece; 2、dust cap; 3、valve body; 4、value element(1#~6#); 5、regulating spring; 6、adjustment nut;  7、adjustment seat;  8、valve stem;  9、valve bonnet;  10、O-type ring;  11、gasket; 12、gasket; 13、dust cap; 14、drive rod; 15、dust cap; 16、label; 17、nut; 18、bolt; 19、hoop